One Card Solutions


CASHLESS 3.0: the ultimate payment experience


CASHLESS 3.0 is TAS Group’s innovative processing platform that enables financial institutions, processors and program managers to autonomously design and manage new multi-application payment products. CASHLESS 3.0 supports: Issuing, Acquiring, key management, real-time fraud detection, terminal management, switching-commerce, mobile remote and proximity payments and more. While maintaining a strong focus on processing of credit, debit and prepaid cards, CASHLESS 3.0 goes beyond the usual “card-centric” approach focusing on the end customer’s payment experience.


OmniSafe, together with TAS Group, currently offer this innovative service to Colleges nationwide, with TAS successfully implementing CASHLESS 3.0 to numerous organizations overseas.


College prepaid cards can provide an additional revenue source. The cards can be used:

  • – as a ID badge within the College/School
  • – to access libraries and canteens
  • – to pay tuition fees
  • – to pay for library and lab fees at the College/School
  • – to get discounts in shops that are part of the College/School network
  • – Keep revenue within the institution