EMV Instant Issuance

EMV technology consists of strong cryptography, both symmetric and asymmetric, as well as elaborate key management to ensure that every transaction maintains its integrity. An important aspect of EMV is that it involves dynamic digital data in every unique transaction, making it extremely secure, in turn preventing fraudulent activity.

Effective as of October 2015, both VISA and MasterCard have set liability deadlines, subsequently the party that is responsible for a chip-on-chip transaction not occurring (either issuer or merchant) will be financially liable for any pursuing card-present fraud losses.

EMV Instant Issuance

United States is the last major hold-out for implementing the otherwise global standard.

There are two components to the EMV initiative that OmniSafe is involved in:


 favicon (8) Financial Organizations (both Central and Instant Issuance) conversion to EMV and the ability of these financial organizations, to issue Smartcards, in place of Mag-stripe based cards. Mag-stripe cards are easy to manipulate and fraudulently use. Smartcards are more secure. EACH transaction is uniquely encrypted, and cannot be manipulated.
favicon (8) Merchants, Retailers – Conversion to Smartcard means all retailers and merchants, must change their readers, so that they can accept the chip and pin process, which will replace the current mag-stripe card swipe. Hybrid readers from leading manufacturers are available now, and the conversion, on the merchant side is currently starting up. Millions of readers will be deployed in the next few years


The next “big thing” in the financial and retail industry is Instant Issuance. Financial institutions have concluded that credit/debit cards that are instantly issued are more likely to be used immediately, eliminating postage delivery and activation delay. Known in the industry as “top of wallet cards”, instant issued cards are 25% more likely to be used instantaneously generating immediate revenue for their respective financial institutions.

EMV instant issuance
OmniSafe has partnered with Matica to offer our clients the best the card printing world has to offer. The new Matica S3000 with its slick design and finish, was developed with Instant Issuance in mind.